Today go Pulau Ubin wif my NSC classmates. My veri first trip to Ubin, so excited. What I like most is the to and fro ferry trips actually. It reminds me of canoeing years back in a combine schools camp. Cool~ Water or generally sea just helps me to relax.

Ubin’s life is really back to primitive, veri simple life… Rented bicycle from the rental shop and we headed straight into the forest. I gotta some rubber tree’s seeds back. I wonder is the road bumpy or the route that Leon (our lecturer) takes is challenging, my buttock aches. Many up-slopes and down-slopes.

We look around to see plants, mangrove swamps, spiders, peacocks, ducks, chickens, mud-skippers, wild boar too… Guess we are damn real luck. Get to learn a lot from Leon. He is a real nature lover. To talk about the trip, it will be endless…

And I achieve my motive too! To get myself tanner. Erm… But onli manage to ‘roast’ my back and hands. Got quite a bit of mosquitoes bites… Itchy! Itchy!