Haf been veri drained out ever since working. Basically is endless working and sleeping. Nothing else. A lot of things haven do, a lot of targets haven’t met, a lot of promises but they are still empty ones. Gotta sit down and write a list of things to do.

Things to do:

1. Read Harry Pottter storybook (still at that pathetic book 1)

2. Drawing and endless drawing for NSC (design this and tat)

3. Complete my online portfolio

4. Sort out my ‘physical’ portfolio

5. My blog design (still nothing has been done)

6. Dora’s flash for the dunno wat IT activity (due next week)

Sumtimes really feel motivated to do my work, but I’m usually at the wrong location. When I feel like drawing and designing, I’m at work. Things and stuff like this… Sian…

Oh yar! Kenny, so how’s the entrepreneur thingy for our fyp project huh? Still on anot?

Gotta my clue 2 today. Pretty expected one. But I have to wait till xmas for clue 3… Clue 3 is the answer to clue 2… Why spilt like tat? Ask me personally for ppl who wanna to noe… Hahaha~ Esp all my kakis…