These few days i’m veri busy wif my assignments – ACAN & JSPG. Die… Think cannot finish on time. Hai… And i’m hook by the Frienster thing… Found my long lost frendz. Get to noe more frendz oso. Kekeke… Good channel to stay in contact.

Yesterday, Laily did me a favour. Hahaha… Zi shao wo ping shi mei you bai dang ni shi wo de hao peng you. Really noe wat i want. Kekeke… Ask me personally if you guys wanna noe. Anyway, thanks Laily….

Haf to keep today entry damn short. Lab is closing. This friday JSPG assignment dateline. Next monday ACAN dateline. **Next Tuesday FYP presentation. Gd luck huh!

Hope i still survive by then… If u see me, means u see me… If u dun see me, means u dun see me…