Happy 19th Birthday, Johnson. We celebrated his birthday at Park Mall Glass House Fish & Co. Hmm… Very romantic atmosphere. But crowded too. We are lead to the seatings at the 2nd floor. There are comfortable soft leather crouches for people to enjoy their drinks. And of course, we ordered fish related dishes. I order the TERIYAKI SALMON. The teriyaki sauce is nice. But juz like the other time i tried the rice, it tastes a little bitter. Dunno why.

Wanted to sabotage Johnson. Calvin has suggested a very interesting idea. It goes like this: Johnson as the birthday boy, has to go round to every table in the 2nd level and tell them tat today is his birthday. Then, when he counts, 1 2 3, all the people shall congrate him by saying: “HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY, JOHNSON!” Becoz of the time constraint, instead of going around to every table, i suggested him to approach the kitchen staff. And ask them to congrate him instead. But he isn’t tat sporty enough. Sad….

Next stop, we go to the esplande. There is this small music performance in the opened ampitheatre. We take a short rest there and enjoy the music. Cool performance. I have always wanted to sit down to watch some performances. But most of the time, my frendz prefer to chat at a corner. So… I go for the majority. Yesterday is a nice experience. Then we move inwards to the beach area. Erm… Too many couples. I hope we are not making too much noise. Kekeke… We lighted sparkles in the esplande compound. Ganna warn by the police. But tat’s a little twist to our lined-up program.

To keep ourself out of trouble, we go to the Queen Elizabeth Walk to play our sparkles. Kian is busying thinking how to make a heart shape sparkle. Erm… He fails quite a number of times. Left the last location at 11plus. Some headed home, while the rest headed to Lester Chan’s house.

Gotta apologise for the sudden back out of staying out wif the rest of the click. I haf a terrible stomaches. Dunno wat i eat wrongly. Pengzzz…

Rest of the story, i tink i shall refer to others’ blog to find out… (u.U)