Not as bad as i predicted for my ACAN test. Alright lor… But i was shocked to read that: “YOU MAY NEED TO CREATE POINT HELPER AND IK CHAIN”. Laily and me open our mouths big, staring at each other. Hmm… Laily complains about the seat i chose. Well… Jus becoz the com beside her is spoilt. And juz in case anything happens, she has another com to ‘REFER’ to. Hahaha… Ppl out there, dun be mislead by her ‘INNOCENT’ look. Kekeke…

Didn’t join the rest for the movie, got something on actually. Hmm… So i ask my dad to fetch me home first, coz i’m still early. On the way back, we go to clementi central to eat tang yuan. Veri full lor. Then, my dad happens to meet 3 of his friends. All dun recognise me. All of them commented “Who’s child is this? Eldest ah??? Whoa! Last time onli baby, i still carry her, now so big le… Wat she is doing huh???” Hahaha… Juz like the feelings of being ‘small’ in front of those elders.

Hmm… Didn’t do anything constructive either. After meeting my friends, i cum back home immediately. Sian… Actually i’m back home pretty early. The ‘Z – Monster’ (…zzzZZZ monster) has been calling for me the whole day. And i cannot tahan le. So… Fall asleep silently and peacefully in my bed until 9pm. Then being dragged out of my bed by my dad. He dun let me slp. (T.T)

I’ve been ignoring sumbody for ard 1 weeks or so. Juz becoz he is playing shi zong you xi with me. I dun like the feeling of being treated invisible, and others juz disappear like nobody business. Finally received a email few days ago. Thinking not to forward any more mails, not to send him any more sweet goodnite msg. But i juz can’t stop myself from pressing the FORWARD button, then add in his email address. I tink i’m juz mei you yong! (T.T) (-.-‘ “)