Shoyu Eggs 2

The judgment day, after soaking my shoyu eggs overnight. Exterior has that brown appetizing color, inside still too cooked. !@#$% First bite, the sauce is too saltish. On the other hand, i am more relieved as they do not have weird soya sauce taste just because i can’t find Kikkoman and replace it with 李锦记. The yolks are still not in the centre.


Looks nice?


The egg really absorb in all the sauce. See the color gradation in the cross section.

IMG_7491We decided to throw away the yolks.

Some improvements to make:

  • Maybe buy those ang-mo’s white shell large eggs, i believe the yolks will be nicer.
  • Need to re-gauge the cooking time. Probably set it before the water boils.
  • Shoyu sauce must be less saltish.