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Missing Shih Tzu Found

Missing Wang Wang is found at Ten Mile Junction’s Sheng Siong yesterday. One kind staff found him and bring him home.

When the owners go stick posters today, the manager tells them about this familiar dog. Heng heng~

Anyway, it just remind me that my dog has nearly gone missing too. My door is locked, my mum is not aware that he is not at home. I see him stupidly standing outside my neighbour’s house after my class.

Dogs like to 离家出走. Maybe he wants to go gai gai~

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4 Responses

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  1. nana says

    he still continues to go out himself~! wan to vomit blood liao.. he’s eyeing at the door every moment~~

  2. sleepy says

    lol… he has too much freedom liao~

  3. nana says

    shld let him stay at ur place.. pipi can jaga him.. dun let him get close to the door.. hahhaha

  4. sleepy says